Dowling Page
Baumel, George 1900
Baumel, George 1924
  Baumel, Peter 1952  
Dowling, John 1870
Dowling, John Francis 1907
Dowling, Winifred, 1937
Fallon, Eva 1895
Frey, Frank ABT 1900
McCabe, Anne 1887
McCabe, Catherine 1854
McCabe, Celia 1910
McCabe, James 1886
McCabe, Joseph 1874
McCabe, Margaret 1909
McCabe, Mary Bridget 1907
McCabe, Peter 1880
McCabe, Thomas 1853
McCabe, Winifred 1911
  McKeon, Ambrose 1924  
Muldoon, Frank 1909
Muldoon, Joseph 1929
Muldoon, Winifred 1878
Murphy, Margaret 1865
Murphy, Mary 1872
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