William (Gulielmus) Flaherty


Johanna Hunt


Mary Flaherty F 1841
Honora Flaherty F 1843
Timothy Flaherty M 1846
James Flaherty M 1849
William Flaherty M 1853
Michael Flaherty M 1856
Denis Flaherty M 1862
James Flaherty M

Johanna Flaherty

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Personal Info:
SEX: Female SPOUSE: Edward Welsh
Date of Birth: July 31, 1859 Marriage Date: February 24, 1889
Place of Birth: Beenanaspig, Kerry, Ireland Marriage Location: Manhattan, New York
Date of Death: July 11, 1912 SPOUSE: James O'Donnell
Place of Death: Manhattan, New York Marriage Date: August 29, 1897
Burial Location: Calvary Cemetery, 49-02 Laurel Hill, Woodside, NY Marriage Location: Manhattan, New York
Name: Sex: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Date of Death: Place of Death:
Thomas Walsh M 1891 1970
William Walsh M 1893 1923
Johanna Walsh F 1896 NY, NY 1946 NY, NY
James O'Donnell M 1900 1938
Margaret O'Donnell F 1904 1924


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