Michael Flaherty

Personal Info:
SEX: Male SPOUSE: Ellena Bryce Carmody
Date of Birth: May 15, 1795 Marriage Date: May 27, 1827
Place of Birth: Moycullen, Gallway, Ireland Marriage Location: Gallway, Ireland
Date of Death: September 18, 1860
Place of Death: Quincy, Massachusetts
Burial Location:
Name: Sex: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Date of Death: Place of Death:
John Flaherty M 1820 Kealid, Knockanure, Co. Kerry, Ireland
William Flaherty M February 21, 1822 Kealid, Knockanure, co. Kerry, Ireland February 19, 1895 Beenanaspig, Knockanure, Co. Kerry, Ireland
Michael Flaherty M 1823 Galway, Ireland 1896
Timotheus Flaherty M 1824 Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland 1881
Honora Flaherty F 18300 Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland 1902
Cornelius James Flaherty M 1833 Listowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland 1900
Patrick Flaherty M 1835 BListowel, Co. Kerry, Ireland 1900
Julia Flaherty F 1845 Co. Galway, Ireland 1947
Mary Flaherty F 1847


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