Edward Goodchild


Johanna Walsh


Florence Goodchild F Feb 26, 1915 NY to Feb 26, 1997 NJ
Isabella Goodchild F Mar 28, 1916 NY to Oct 25, 1962  NY
Johanna Goodchild F Mar 12, 1918 NY to Apr 01, 2002 FL
Edward Goodchild M Dec 16, 1921 NY to Sep 03, 1930 NY
Catherine Goodchild F Nov 26, 1923 NY to Dec 01, 2011 NY
Thomas Goodchild M Mar 10, 1926 NY to Jan 10, 1927 NY
James E. Goodchild M Jan 03, 1928 NY to Jun 23, 1995 NY
William Goodchild M Jul 13, 1933 NY to Jul 28, 2006 Florida

George Goodchild

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Picture 1: George is the little guy, front row, on right

Picture 2: George is on the right

Picture 3: George is on the left

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Personal Info:
Date of Birth: Feb 14, 1920  Marriage Date:
Place of Birth: New York, NY Marriage Location:
Date of Death: Feb 11, 1927    
Place of Death: New York, NY    
Burial Location: Jersey City Cemetery, NJ    
Name: Sex: Date of Birth: Place of Birth: Date of Death: Place of Death:

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