Joseph McCabe


Winifred Muldoon


Mary Bridget McCabe F Jan 23, 1907 to Oct 1989
Celia McCabe F Jun 1910 to Apr 1915
Winifred McCabe F Oct 13, 1911 to Jun 08, 1977

Margaret McCabe

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Margaret McCabe is the 2nd women in, on the far left

Beach_1940aWinifred Margret MaryWinifred McCabe John Dowling Peggy Un Jack Winfred.jpg (222232 bytes)

Personal Info:
SEX: Female SPOUSE: Frank Frey
Date of Birth: June 1909 Marriage Date:  
Place of Birth: New York, NY Marriage Location:  
Date of Death: Apr 1944    
Place of Death: New York, NY    
Burial Location:      
Name: Sex: Date of Birth: Place of Birth:    

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